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Welcome to the online home of the Family of Tom and Sharon Clayton

What's New: Visit the new genealogical site for the ancestors of Thomas and Sharon Clayton. The file has grown to over 10000 individuals! The format is very easy to follow and the data is indexed. The data is being updated regularly. The latest updates include information from the 1920,1930, and 1940 US Census. Recently the place names have been updated to the generally accepted formats. On many individuals there are notes that contain extra information including sources. Please click on the notes icon for individuals you are interested in.

Clayton Family HistoryClayton Family History

This new site will contain genealogical information, links to family sites, photos of the family, and updates on what is going on with us. The site is currently under construction, so check back frequently to see what new things we have added!

If you have any questions concerning this data or this site please send e-mail to:

Thomas M. Clayton